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Mason love canal - SlideShare The Love Canal site (Site) is located in Niagara Falls, New York. Feb 10, 2011. Toxic and Hazardous Waste Love Canal Disaster Kate Mason Geol. "Additional Case Studies /li/ul/ulululliVoyage of the.

The Tragedy of the <strong>Love</strong> <strong>Canal</strong> • Damn Interesting

The Tragedy of the Love Canal • Damn Interesting Simply put, it is an incomplete canal, or just a trench, built in western New York state in the 1890s. Oct 18, 2006. By the 1970s, the Love Canal became the site of one of the worst. An EPA study revealed that of the thirty-six people tested, eleven had chromosomal. Though I'm not really familiar with the how the Love Canal case finally.

<em>Love</em> <em>Canal</em> residents campan for clean environment, New York.

Love Canal residents campan for clean environment, New York. Quite simply, Love Canal is one of the most appalling environmental tragedies in American history. What is worse is that it cannot be regarded as an isolated event. The Love Canal Homeowners' Association had a three-part goal "to press for. Later studies would reveal the presence of more than 200 different types of.

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